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Into the third trimester and I am feeling pretty good apart from the odd twinge of nerve compression and waking up from kicks in the night. I am trying to be diligent about going to yoga and stretching myself out five times a week- it seems to be helping. No issues with balance or back pain so far so fingers crossed I can continue to be healthy and active all the way through the final few weeks!

Wearing Zimmermann dress, Longchamp bag, Ray Ban sunglasses, Natasha flats.

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I have been lusting after the Gucci Disco bag for some time now- the cross body shape and the tassel is just perfect. I thought it was the perfect little Chinese New Year buy, in an auspicious colour too!

Wearing Zimmermann Confetti dress, Gucci Disco bag, Linda Farrow sunglasses, Zara flats.

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I do love this time of year as the month of fashion commences in New York and as always I am interested to see what our talented Australian designers present. As much as I love the heavy furs, shearlings and knits that the American and European designers bring to the table, winter in Australia is relatively mild so it is nice to see a somewhat lighter interpretation of this season. One that is more adaptable to our climate and Dion Lee and Zimmermann did not disappoint!

Dion Lee

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I bought this dress some time ago when I was last in Brisbane knowing it would be perfect to accommodate my growing belly. I feel if I was still in London I would be a little more creative with my clothing choices, but I have always struggled to mix things up when it is really hot, let alone with a changing shape. I realised I haven’t worn jeans or a pair of trousers in about 8 weeks, a record so far for me, and one likely to continue until after the baby arrives!

Wearing Zimmermann dress, Zadig et Voltaire sunglasses, Longchamp bag, Hermes Clic Clac bracelet, Natasha flats.

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Sincerest apologies for the lack of posts recently and thank you to Vanessa for again holding up the fort! A combination of moving house, renovating and a stint in hospital has meant I have been absent from the blog for far longer than I wanted! But back to business and I have been searching for a pair of white boyfriend jeans for what seems like an eternity and I have finally settled on a pair from Frame. I love the relaxed summery vibe of this style but also look forward to teaming them with knits for the winter season ahead.

Dion Lee blazer, T by Alexander Wang t-shirt, Frame Denim Le Garcon jeans, Isabel Marant Poppy heels, Isabel Marant belt, Celine sunglasses, Chanel 2.55 bag

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